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<br /> Planning & Zoning Commission <br />Meeting Agenda <br />Tuesday, November 1, 2016 <br />One Lake Street <br /> <br />If you require special accommodation please contact us in advance and we will assist you.  You may call David McWilliams at 970-748-4023 or email with any special <br /> requests <br /> <br />Call to Order – 5:00pm <br /> <br />Roll Call <br /> <br />Additions & Amendments to the Agenda <br /> <br />Conflicts of Interest <br /> <br />Major PUD Amendment – Short Term Lodging Use – CONTINUED FROM OCTOBER 4, 2016 MEETING <br />File #: PUD16004 <br />Applicant: Carryn and Bret Burton <br />Property: Lot 3, Block 3, Benchmark at Beaver Creek Subdivision / 1060 W. BC Blvd. <br />Owner: Westgate at Avon LLC <br />Summary: Application to amend the Westgate PUD to permit short term lodging use as a use by right, and covert approximately 3,500 square feet from office into a hostel operation. <br /> Applicant has requested a continuance to the December 6, 2016 meeting. <br /> <br />Sign Design – Sun and Ski <br />File: SGN16010 <br />Legal Description: Tract B-1, Block 2, Benchmark at Beaver Creek / 218 Beaver Creek Place <br />Applicant/Owner: Town of Avon <br />Summary: Application for a tenant identification sign at a new retail space in Chapel Square. <br /> <br />Alternative Equivalent Compliance – Fence Design <br />File: AEC16007 <br />Legal Description: Lot 5, Block 4, Wildirdge / 5774 Wildridge Road East <br />Applicant/Owner: Jeff Patterson <br />Summary: AEC to allow for a three railed fence with metal wire, and find an existing non-approved fence acceptable. <br /> <br />Major Design & Development Plan / Alternative Equivalent Compliance - Hotel - PUBLIC HEARING <br />File: MJR16007 / AEC16005 <br />Legal Description: Lot B, Avon Center at Beaver Creek Subdivision <br />Applicant: Treadstone Development, LLC <br />Summary: Public Hearing and recommendation to Town Council on a development plan for a 142-unit hotel project. In addition to the hotel, the project includes four (4) units of whole <br /> ownership residential, “micro-retail” units, and recreational facilities for owners and guests.