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1 Agenda posted on Friday, September 16, 2016 at the following public places within the Town of Avon: <br />-Avon Municipal Building, Avon Recreation Center, Avon Public Library, Town of Avon Website <br />Please call 970-748-4030 for Questions <br /> <br /> <br />Town of Avon Planning & Zoning Commission <br />Meeting Agenda <br />Tuesday, September 20, 2016 <br />One Lake Street <br /> <br />If you require special accommodation please contact us in advance and we will assist you. You may call David <br />McWilliams at 970-748-4023 or email with any special requests <br /> <br />I. Call to Order – 5:00pm <br /> <br />II. Roll Call <br /> <br />III. Additions & Amendments to the Agenda <br /> <br />IV. Conflicts of Interest <br /> <br />V. Minor Development Plan – ECO Bus Stop Shelter <br />Summary: The Town of Avon is proposing to install a new ECO bus shelter at the stop in front of the <br />Eaglebend Apartments on Highway 6. The shelter design matches the new ECO Transit standard. <br /> <br />VI. Work Session - 2006 Comprehensive Plan Update <br />Summary: The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a series of meeting in the coming months to <br />review and update the 2006 Comprehensive Plan. Council desires to consider approval of updates by end of <br />the calendar year. <br /> <br />VII. Approval of Meeting Minutes <br /> September 6, 2016 Meeting Minutes <br /> <br />VIII. Staff Approvals <br /> Storage Shed at 2080 Wildridge Road <br /> <br />IX. Staff Updates <br /> Lot B Hotel <br /> BC Blvd Public Meetings <br /> <br />X. Adjourn